Sunday, July 27, 2008

I took a bit of time today to sort thru my daughter's wedding photos from last fall.   I posted them on Facebook, after taking the time - mostly out of curiousity - to set one up.  Within an hour, I connected with my choral prof and several old friends from Bridgewater, then sheepishly begged my children to "be my friend."  It is kind of fun, putting images up for posterity.

Life has changed so much in recent years - I'm still catching up - still processing.  Sorting thru photos and writing are helpful in slowly putting life into perspective.  I'm not certain I want a blog - but I like the format.  I see it as a way to get things down in words, add photos, and leave a bit of myself behind.  Perhaps it can be a resource to explain to my kids, and to myself in the process, what happened and where i am now.  

Perhaps they will never read it - or I'll never tell them it's here.  But I'll learn in the process of doing, and begin to put the past to rest.  

Saturday, July 26, 2008

How am I supposed to do this?  Go from gallery owner, to mom, to tomorrow's church worship leader all in a few breaths.  And somehow be effective?  And remember every detail?  And smile?  I made the mistake of saying "yes" to things this summer because I thought I'd have extra time - whoops!