Wednesday, April 29, 2009

ned's opening, celebrating 50 years

Lynden Gallery on Market

so i went to an art opening
at the lynden gallery
in etown & many people came out
including Luke and Mallory
whom i hadn't seen in about
two years or so plus Lisa
the owner was there
with her beautiful raven dark hair.
Ned Wert was the artist on display
and his works are now largely abstract
hanging with red as the predominant shade
i was gasping at the numbers as fact
then noticed several full prices were paid
but it was simple since the mood was so good
to be friendly and feel that you should
in this fire hall converted to art 
just mingle and fondle a heart
drink wine, eat crackers, and cheesy
to imagine that living is easy
here is original stuff as it should be
poking holes in the idea of normal
a space which is happy and free
relaxed and certainly not formal
so visit.
GREG HOOVER, blogpost

Monday, April 6, 2009

my brother's electric car, part II

SAAB 96-V first run on full voltage!... electric car conversion EV electric vehicle.  That's my dad in the background, witnessing this accomplishment.  I'm waiting for the first Sunday visit...