Saturday, October 24, 2009

market day repast

Sometimes, the best foodie moments are the simplest.... roasted pepper hummus, fresh red grapes and authentic middle-eastern pita bread from Central Market in Historic Downtown Lancaster. Central Market has for decades been one of my favorite places on earth - the sounds, smells, people, emanating from this Romanesque Revival market house built in 1889 permeate some of my favorite memories. Living downtown five years of my early marriage, I traveled the ten blocks to market with my first child Jenna in a snuggly every Tuesday and Friday. I prided myself in "living off the market", venturing to Giant only for things like diapers and other sundry items.

When Joe came along, I packed him in the snuggly with Jenna in the stroller, and piled every spare spot with groceries for the walk home. The walk was an architectural feast along Duke Street, and we often stopped by Watt and Shand Department Store, or the Marion Art Store along the way. Each of my four children had their first outing at about 5 days to the market, a tradition I intend to continue when the next generation comes along.

This particular day, David and I found ourselves in Downtown Lancaster for Lorelei's karate exhibition in the old Watt and Shand building, now the Lancaster County Convention Center and Marriot Hotel. For lunch I took them across the street to market, and we had a simple picnic in Steiman Park, complete in fall's colorful splendor.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Installing Coccoons at the Convention Center

Busy today installing sculpture, first at A.R.T. as part of the Lancaster Museum of Art's "Artful Dining" series. A.R.T. is hosting a "Think Sculpture" exhibition Friday evening the 16th, with 30% of the proceeds supporting the museum. Tickets can be purchased thru the museum before the event.

After work of our six sculptors was delivered, James Bright, Milt Friedly, Milton Good, John Hertzler, Clifton Sheely and David Zimmerman, we proceeded to the new Lancaster County Convention Center, Penn Square Downtown Lancaster, to install work their for ARTWALK. ARTWALK will be held Saturday, October 17 from 10:00 to 5:00, and Sunday, October 18 from noon to 5:00. Look for our guys in the black, A.R.T. "Think Sculpture" t-shirts both days.

The installation of the cocoons, by David Zimmerman were a bit of a challenge, but with the help of Richard and Steve from the Convention Center (and their scissor lift!) it was accomplished without incident. They look fabulous, and generate an unmistakable energy in the cavernous space of the old Watt and Shand department store building (my employer back in the 1980's, I was a floater in that building!). I have to admit I was rather taken by the vibe of the place, and four of us enjoyed a relaxing lunch in the restaurant upon completing the task.

Lynden Gallery will host a First Friday Artists' Reception at the Convention Center on November 6th from 5:00 to 8:00. Come help us Celebrate Sculpture! For more information about our sculptors and their work, visit our website

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Two years ago, I met Toby Richards, whom I've since found to be an amazing sculpture photographer. Why he would be willing to come spend days on end with us at Lynden Gallery photographing hundreds of shots, letting me turn things just this way or that, another fraction of an inch, and experiment with the lighting until we got it just right, I'll never know. I was beat, and on his end, it all had to be rather tedious! But he had A.J. as his right hand man, and I had six wonderful gentlemen artists who were willing to lift and move at our instruction and bidding all day long.

I remember the shoot we did at John Hertzler's barn like it was yesterday. It was a dreary day, starting to get the autumn chill, and by the end of the day it was raining. It ended up the best shots of the day were taken with a back-drop of field outside the bank barn, with John's tractor sitting in waiting, and the last light of the day providing the most awesome shadows. The water just inside the barn doors glistened on the floor, and though we had feasted on bad coffee and stale donuts most of the day, I honestly think John and Toby were just hitting their stride. John just got funnier with each passing hour, and frozen fingers and toes aside, the day was simply lovely.