Sunday, September 2, 2012

revisiting the pies....

Some time ago, I posted a recipe for Peach Raspberry Pie, one of my late summer favorites.  Since then, it's become evident my cousin Jody has one up on me in the pie department.  Not only does her family enjoy pie more often than mine, they readily participate in the preparation.  At Jody's fiftieth birthday party last year, when I was assigned the coveted position of overseeing the pie baking, I learned the secret of what actually holds the fruit together.  

I brought the lessons I learned to the table for this holiday weekend, family get-together and ended up with some delicious Peach Raspberry Blueberry Pie (all in one pie, of course) with a struesel topping.  Below is the recipe, and a photo of the outcome, but the one remaining difference?  I still make my crust from scratch, and you'll find that recipe, along with the struesel topping recipe here.

Peach Raspberry Blueberry Struesel Pie

Roll out the crust for two pies, fit them in the pie plates, prepare the struesel, and set aside.  

Remove the skins and pits, and slice about 8-10 peaches (depending on the size) into a large bowl.
Add about a cup and a half of fresh raspberries and a cup of blueberries with the peaches.  

In a separate smaller bowl, add and mix together with a fork:
     1 cup white sugar
     3 tbs. cornstarch
     a pinch of salt

Pour the combined dry ingredients over the fruit, and mix well, being careful not to mush the fruit, then pour into the unbaked pie shells.  Top with the struesel and bake in a preheated 400 degree oven for about 40 minutes.  

This pie didn't disappoint.  Of course both times, the pies were accompanied with my dad's homemade icecream, and that's absolutely the best combination of summer.  There were plenty of ready hands for churning yesterday - delicious!