Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Off to Philadelphia three days a week for grad school doesn't leave much time for blogging - or cooking - my teenaged children are none to pleased with that fact.  With all the grazing on granola bars, ramen noodles and cheeze-its, I can't imagine they are hungry.  And it seems when I do think ahead and take the time to prepare a meal, no one is around, or they don't feel like eating whatever it is I've prepared.  

I think the hunger is more for care and nuture from mom - which I fully understand.  Pizza and peanut butter only go so far.  So here's to family favorites, like bean tortillas, chicken noodle soup, tacos, sausage goulash, chicken stir-fry, and curried rice and black beans.  (when I find the time, I'll post the recipes)  Meanwhile, we'll take each day as it comes, in hopes of connecting where we can, and if it's over a meal, all the better!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A delightfully, unexpected lunch invitation to the Bowery Hotel in Soho with Sophie Theallet and Steven Francoeur.  Christine Clemer and I took a chance to meet her, as she is the focus of our retail project this semester - we must research her line of exquisite fashions and design an appropriate boutique and atelier.  Lunch of paninis and pizza, white wine and aragula salad was delicious, and the bohemian flair of the hotel a perfect setting.