Thursday, November 10, 2011

eye candy for the frame shop

This afternoon one of our new framing vendors came by unexpectedly with a fun, colorful new collection of hand-crafted Italian wood mouldings that I couldn't resist sharing. In the midst of all the dust and dirt, this fabulous collection of lacquered inlays, birdseye maples, African wenge, zebra oak, olive, pecan and burl veneers got my creative juices going.

All the things I can do with these! The collection boasts width sizes from 1" to 5 1/2", and a stunning selection of patterns from checker blocks and stripes, to bubbles and swirls. One of my favorite framing tricks for something really fun and creative is to stack mouldings - the possiblities are endless and provide pure sculpture for the wall.

This will definitely make the move to our new walls the end of next week, a delicious treat. We were promised delivery of corner samples in time for Christmas framing, and as you can see below, the blank canvas eagerly awaits.

This one is Walter's personal favorite...

And this one is mine - love those organic inlaid bubbles.

For more about the frame shop at Lynden Gallery, see our website,

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