Thursday, March 12, 2009

auction results

The Habitat for Humanity Auction was a huge success- the highlight of the evening was the introduction of Heather Roberts whose new home will be built from these proceeds.  Currently living in a one-bedroom apartment with seven children, she will be the Women Build/Artist Build homeowner for 2009.  According to Director, Eve Gurian-Wachhaus, when the house is complete, it will be sold to her for $72/square foot, with a 0% interest mortgage.  She will pay less than 30% of her monthly gross income back to Habitat for both principle and escrow, which will cover her taxes and home owners insurance.  Heather is juggling children and two jobs, and working to accumulate her required 350 volunteer, sweat equity hours with Habitat.  
Kudos to Lynden Gallery artists Jim Bright, Gary Butson, Susan Davitti Darling, Paul Flury, Milt Friedly, Janet Hammond, Robert Heilman, Bob Patierno, Florence Putterman, Lou Schellenberg, Peter Sculthorpe, Annie Strickler, Brad Stroman, Ned Wert, and Mark Workman, all of whom offered up work for the auction.  Six of the 14 pieces we took were purchased, at higher prices than the auction has seen before, raising over $5000 in bids for Habitat.  Truth be told, if I'd have been allowed to bring more, I'm sure none of my stable of artists would have turned down support of this event.  It's humbling to have taken part in this....

Later this year, we're all going to don hammers, battery operated drills and paint brushes to work alongside Heather building her house.  We'll put together a work crew of artists, and would love to have our patrons and collectors join us!  Stay tuned for details.... and a heartfelt thank you.

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  1. The auction raised over $20,000 this year! More than ever before!