Thursday, March 19, 2009

robert heilman's commission

Stopped out in Scheafferstown at Bob Heilman's studio this afternoon with my client.  Three large oil paintings had been commissioned, and we were coming to see the progress, as the paintings are about 50% complete.  Originally the paintings had been specified a bit larger in size, but the budget brought the work to a size that allowed for enough ceiling height to accommodate the work in the studio, so as not to require a rental space to accomplish the job.

Bob had provided sketches early on for approval, and the transition to a much larger size - larger than he traditionally works - was remarkably accurate and beautifully done.  Three paintings, each of a different hole on this particular golf course, had their challenges - two of the three being 60" x 30" vertical landscapes.  The meticulous layering of paint, one transluscent layer upon another, achieved glorious, rich, late afternoon skies, and emphasized the shadow play on the green.  A mix of grasses, trees and curvelinear land forms brace the horizon line just below center.  For more about Bob and his work, click here

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